Author: teresabh1

What is “Working smarter not harder” 

I was born in the 6O’s where women could not twerk in public. People, my age, who suffer with mental…

Take time for purpose

Finding our purpose in life is important.  How do we focus on life purpose when we don’t know what to…

Flip the Script

Ways on handling negative comments The best way to control your emotions is to get a game plan for difficult…

How not to fight or flight

The first time I heard the phase, “fight or flight” was at a wellness and holistic conference a couple of…

Why should we seek humbleness? 

If you grew like I did, you went to church. It seems my family went to church every day. I…

What is peace?

What is peace. I use to believe that peace and happiness were the same thing but they are totally different.…

3 reason to detox your mind

Detox 2022 You cannot detox your mind if you do not know yourself.  This is the first and important process…

God don’t make junk.

During this time of uncertainty, we forget about the little things that is important.  It seems like the enemy is…
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