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Why should we seek humbleness? 

If you grew like I did, you went to church. It seems my family went to church every day. I thought my grandmother was overdoing the religion. As I got older, I am grateful that my grandmother was a faith warrior. She was a wise and grounded. She did it through her faith. Not her mite. The one lesson that my grandmother taught me was, “we must be humble. “ Here are three reasons why.  

We lose compassion. 

Believe or not, there are more do-gooders than criminals. Do the research. You will see most of us have a heart. The problem is we put our hearts on a shelf. That means you are not enjoying yourself. A wall is built around you, so it is hard for anyone to deal with you. Don’t protect. Build faith. Take everything to the Lord and wait for an answer.  

We become materialistic.  

This is not our home. It is hard to accept that we are just passing through. There is no way for us to put all of our material possessions in a casket. Why are we so concern about something that we cannot take with us? Stop worrying about your material possessions. Start talking to God. Pray. Wait and move.  

We worry about what others think of us. 

Really. We are in a decade full of technology. Everybody has something to say. There is too much information on the internet. In this era, you do not believe what everyone says. Look to God and he will guide you. Friend Jesus and he will show you the way. 

It’s not worth it.  

Don’t become what the world says about you. Break done those walls and pray. Live your best days and enjoy. Believe that God will be there.   

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