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Take time for purpose

Finding our purpose in life is important.  How do we focus on life purpose when we don’t know what to expect next.  There have been several mass shootings happening in America and the whole world is trying to adjust to the “Post COVID19” changes.  With all this mess, how do we find our purpose for life?  We need to explore our purpose because we have to stay grounded to survive.  Focusing on our purpose will help.  So, I did some researching and this is what I found.   

  • T D Jakes posted on , “Everything you’ve gone through is preparation for what’s about to happen in your life. The LORD has already given you a word, MOVE!” Life purpose is about moving toward our destiny.  Let go of your pass and focus on your future.   
  • Talbbi (2019) wrote, “What were your dreams as a child? Who did you want to be? What were those talents that you first discovered that you had?”  Remember your passion and try to do it every day.  It is not the quantity but the quality.  Give yourself 30 minutes or more a day for your passion.  
  • Crego, Antonio et al (2021) stated, “Essentially, mindfulness involves the self-regulation of attention so that it remains focused on the present moment.”  Worrying will not allow you to stay focus.  Negative emotions brings up fears and doubts which blinds you to the truth.  Focus on today. 


Life Purpose is not about our pass but our futures.  Controlling our emotions is important for survival because when we have to stay mindful and focus on today.  It’s a lot of “sh!+” happening today but we can survive by remembering our purpose and focusing on our future.  


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