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What is “Working smarter not harder” 

I was born in the 60’s where women could not twerk in public.  People, my age, who suffer with mental illness had to make some major changes to survive in this season of change. Today, we deal with a lot changes, so we need to work smarter not harder.   I found an article on Harvard Health Publishing named, “Focus on Concentration” that supports this concept. Here are some key points that I found.  

Work in blocks of time 

You can take a break every 10 to 52 minutes and not get written up. People like me need 52 minutes, but you can take a short break if you need.  You will improve your focus and performance by working in shorter blocks.  Don’t take too many breaks.  Just remember that you deserve to rest.   

Stay social 

Posting on social media is not being social. Listening to others is being social.  Staying social helps heal negative emotions like loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress.  Harvard Health Publishing (2020) wrote, “Being more social also helps with focus, since you have to listen to conversations and retain information,” says Dr. Salinas. Get out and mingle.  

Practice mindfulness meditation (Ree’s Tip) 

I am finding mindfulness is an important tool for rest.  Everyone experiences negative emotions.  Mindfulness can help everyone because you focus on the present.  It is an easy way to take a break and reflex on how this season is affecting you.  Sit back and breathe.  


Work Smarter not harder every day.  You will not get fired; you will meet new friends; and you will be more mindful.  It is a “Win Win” decision. This era has everybody thinking twice, so we need time to make rational decisions.  No need to tire yourself.  



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