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Ways on handling negative comments

The best way to control your emotions is to get a game plan for difficult situations. I am not talking to the “Got it all together” people. I am talking to people who find it hard to get up in the morning or find it hard to cope. If that, is you, make time to develop mental coping strategies.  Keeping an emotional balance is important for people who suffer with mental illness. Here are a couple of strategies that can help you when someone says something negative about you.  


Don’t get upset about a person’s opinion. Figure out how you can use this situation to your advantage. Take some deep breaths to keep control on your emotions. Listen to what is happening and figure out way to address the issues without losing your cool.  If the person is not reasonable, leave, and find a third party. Defend yourself.   Do not let anyone bully you. Stand your ground and find ways to diffuse the situation.  

Social media comments 

A social media comment is not that important, but if someone got on your nerves with their post, try this. Talk to the person. Write down your thoughts before the call or meeting. Be ready to listen to what they have to say. Say what’s on your mind while controlling your emotions. Figure out what is next step. Should you befriend the person or forgive them and hope they will never do this again.  

Don’t overreact when someone say something negative to you are or about you. You loose control of the situation when you are emotional. Find a way to handle this situation without drama or stress. There are no easy answers because each situation will be different. Practice your technique, so you can diffuse negative situations with ease.  

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  1. I can see how this will definitely help with Mental illness. Writing things down does help

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