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I can’t find anybody to date

Americans have a lot of choices when it comes to dating. We can date someone from the opposite sex or the same sex. Mature men can be sugar daddies and mature women can be cougars. We can have sex in person, on our phones, or through videos. The choices are never-ending. It’s ironic because there are still a lot of people who are single in America. Why some people cannot find anyone to date?

What are we missing?  

  • Are we too picky? We want a perfect person, and we are not perfect. We all fall short so anybody you meet will be human. They will do something you won’t like or say something you won’t agree with. There’s no need to be picky. 
  • Are we in love with love? You must be in love with a person. It feels good to have someone to share your life with, a relationship is a responsibility. Which means that you are committed for better or worse; richer or poor; or till death do you part.  
  • Maybe, we are not missing anything. It could be the other one’s fault. They do not know how to make a relationship work, so I can’t find anybody. Really? 

We are missing the process of dating  

  • Dating should be fun. You get out of the house and do fun things. Do not let your date rob you of this fun. If your date wants to go straight to sex, drop them. You need to go through the process. 
  •  You get to meet new people. Be safe. Listen and talk. Be yourself. Don’t try being someone else. When your date starts acting fake, don’t get upset. Time will reveal the real person. 
  • Don’t worry if this is not the one. You can always be friends. Remember you know what you want and need. If both of you want to build a relationship, that’s great. 

There are many ways to meet new people, so trust the dating process.

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