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3 ways to practice positive affirmation

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Talking to yourself might seem crazy, but saying positive things to yourself is healthy.  You do not have to talk out loud and you can talk when you are by yourself.  Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts will help build your self-confidence.  It is called positive affirmations.   Professor Moore (2019) wrote, “The good news is that the practice and popularity of positive affirmations are based on widely accepted and well-established psychological theory.”  So, go ahead and talk to yourself.  Here are three exercises to try.   


First you have to concentrate on your breathing.  Block everything else out and repeat a positive phrase. This may seem petty, but it works.  Repeat, “I like myself” three times a day for a month and you will see a change in your behavior.   You will build your confidence level which will help you succeed.   

Look in the mirror 

Whenever you get a chance during the day, look in the mirror and repeat a positive phrase.   Repeat, “I am happy and healthy”.   Do it when you are by yourself.  This way you will not judge yourself. Say this phrase as many times as you need.  You should feel nothing but gratitude because you can see how great your life is.   


Authors Logel, Page, Hall, and Cohen, wrote, “When self‐integrity is threatened by information suggesting that people are not meeting standards for adequacy, they feel stress and extra pressure to restore it, by maladaptive means if necessary (Cohen & Sherman, [ 7]; Steele, [39]).” When we pray, we are free.  We are taking our burdens to the lord and leaving them there.  Thank God for what he has done and ask for him to send the holy spirit. Be patience and try to meet God standards.  Not man. 

Use these exercises and you will see a change.  


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