My Grandmother use to say, “We are just passing through here.”  This is a true statement because we will all one day die.  When you pass this will leave your love ones sad and sometimes broke.  If you have any love ones that will be affected by your death, you need life insurance.  

80% of us will die because of medical complications.  This means that there will be medical bills that needs to be paid.  The hospital will not wait until your final expenses are paid before they receive payment.  Medical bills can be covered by life insurance. 

Your love ones cannot dig a hole in the back yard and bury you.  This is against the law, so unless you have life insurance, your love ones will have to pay for your final expenses.  The price for a funeral has risen over the years and the best way to cover these charges is to have a life insurance policy. wrote, “Only 61 percent of adult Americans have any coverage, a decline from 70 percent in 1984.  Only 41 percent of adult Americans have coverage. Many rely on group insurance, leaving them vulnerable if they lose a job.”  

This means that the families of the uninsured will have to pay for final expenses, medical expenses, and more for the deceased.  This will cause their loved ones to go into debt to pay off something that can be funded today.  

Our bodies are not built to last forever.  Even if you eat right and exercise, you still will die.  This is a difficult subject to talk about, but it is more difficult to pay these expenses when you die.  Get prepared.  Buy life insurance  

If you care for your love ones, purchase life insurance.

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