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Ree’s Money” consists of information about money.   I am bringing this segment back because it aligns with being mindfulness. We all need money for bills, thrills, and retirement.  People fixate on money and let other important matters go, like family, health, and other things that money cannot buy.  So, we must develop a different mindset about money to stay mindful.   

Think like the top 10% 

Did you know only 10% of Americans make over 100,000 a year.  90% of Americans were educated differently.  They think that they must get a job with 401K benefits.  Buy a house and then start saving.  This is not the way the top thinks.  In 2021, let’s change our mindset. 

Savings and CDs are ok  

Most people put their money in the bank which is a good thing.  Practicing saving money helps us to build, but you will not get a lot of growth.  Most accounts give about 3% interest which is very little.  It will take two lifetimes to build a nest egg with that low interest rate.  

401K and Pensions are not guaranteed.   

When a person loses their job, they lose their pension or 401K.  This money can go quickly.  If you do not have a job, you will use the money for bills or emergencies.  Please keep your 401ks or pensions, but do not depend on it.  

Ree’s Money will give information to help one change their mindset.  With my new partners, I can help you to build a foundation that will be there when you retire. You can enjoy things that money cannot buy.  You can stay mindful which will help your overall being.  Make sure you follow the Pig to get helpful tips to build your foundation.  See you on the top.   

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