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Are you full of “sh@!”?

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Are you full of “shi@!”?   Most of you are thinking the wrong thing.  I am talking about Fecal Impaction.  Fecal Impaction happens to about 20 percent of Americans and is a serious health condition.  It happens when hard stool blocks the colon. A person can experience lower back pain; nausea and vomiting; headaches; and more.  Most of you could suffering from this health condition and not know it 

.  It is important for us to develop some healthy habits to avoid becoming “full of Sh@!:”. 


     We cannot stress the importance of water.  It is natural and available to us all.  It is a cheap way for us to stay healthy.  Do not go through the day without trying to drink at least 8 cups per day.  If you do not like water, try putting a healthy some flavor in it.  My favorite is lemon.  Put a reminder on your calendar to drink water.  


This is another cheap way for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You can get fiber from fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain, and beans.  These items are sold at your local farmers market or given away at food drives.  Foods with fiber can are not expensive and easy to find.  Put up reminders, so you eat enough fiber.   


If your bowels move less than three times a week.  You may be constipated.  You should notify your doctor to make sure that it is not serious.  Then follow your physician’s instructions.  It is not good to take too many laxatives. If you are experiencing any symptoms of being constipated, call your doctor.  

Being ‘full of it” is not good physically.  There are other symptoms of Fecal Impaction.  It doesn’t take much to be healthy.  It takes a change of mindset for a lifetime, so enjoy the process.  

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